Is hitting children bad?

Hitting children is a divided topic, most people would concur that it is rather brutal to beat the living f$%# out of some poor sap with your granddaddy's 3"x3' lead pipe just to teach him a lesson.But could we all be brainwashed by idiots, people that don't understand child psychology? People that don't understand progress?Let me go over some of the basic reasons why people believe they should refrain from hitting their child: 1) The child is special, something harmless, something much like a pet, something that requires attention and care, therefore hitting it is an act of evil. 2) The child is defenseless, and therefore hitting it is playing the part of god, you cannot play the part of god therefore touching the child in a brutal manner is not allowed. 3) Hitting the child can cause accidental permanent damage or death. 4) The child will bide the pain, and...

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