Acorn Weevil

The acorn weevil is a strange bug/insect, indigenous to North America.  They mostly feed on sap of acorns, and as a result, they grow larger than most other, more common species of weevil (due to high fat concentrate).

Acorn Weevil

Acorn Weevil


After finding an acorn, the weevil burrows a hole, sucks out the fat sap that cradles the delicate baby oak tree, and lays eggs , the babies will then emerge in months, and murder the poor seed inside the acorn.

If they are unlucky, they will be massacred by hungry squirrels. For the squirrel, much like a mouse, would eat the larva , which is exceptionally high in protein.

If the larvae do survive, they burrow out of the hole their mother (if you want to call it that) made. They can do this because as larva , they are like dough, very gelatinous, and pliable.

Unfortunately, then they have to endure a fall from at least 3 stories, and everything that lurks below. If they do not bury themselves within one hour, they will not survive.

Acorn Weevil Larvas Escaping! Acorn Weevil Larvas Escaping!

So if you want pet acorns, that will grow into trees, kill acorn weevils with fire before they lay eggs :(


Here is an informational video on how to eat Acorn Weevil:

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