Ant Lion

The ant lion is an odd bug indeed, often called the doodlebug for it's odd appearance.We think it's kind of cute.

Ant Lion Ant Lion

The ant lion is one of the most adept killers on earth. What it tends to do is as potential prey approaches, they dig a sand pit. When the idiot noob bug falls in the pit, the ant lion continues to dig at the walls until the prey no longer has energy to attempt to climb the impossible sand walls. The prey is then crushed with the ant lion's enormous jaws, and much like a spider, it drinks their bodily fluids.

Those massive jaws are actually hollow, two small pieces of tissue form two canals, which are used to channel insect fluid into the Ant Lion's system from it's prey.

Ant lion babies may be some of the coolest things on earth , but when they grow up, they just become bland old things with massive wings, really just generic insects:/ -how lame-

Lame antlion Lame antlion

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