The struggle against Varicose veins

The world seems so perfect when your young. Nothing to worry about, nothing to fear, keep to a diet and exercise right? Well, unfortunately, after you turn 20, the very real fear of veins surfacing due to 20 years of abnormal muscle activity will start to haunt you. Also contributing to this is usually the constriction of vessels and veins as you sit down. Over the years, the normally functioning veins get quite literally... crushed. These crushed vessels twist, turn and become generally, skewed. The result is hideous veins in the rear leg (usually behind the patella) , front leg, lower calf and sometimes the buttocks area.

varicose veins courtesy of pubmed™ varicose veins courtesy of pubmed™

These are not hard to hide during the winter, but when the spring and summer come, you wont have that same joy and pride to simply" walk in shorts", skirts or dresses. So in essence, this hinders your ability to have fun, and enjoy your summer, you might end up having to wear those dreaded "mom jeans" all summer long. Now , if you ended up here, you probably know that compression pants DON'T work, because they generally squish the veins causing them to become more agitated and more compressed, resulting in larger, bluer , uglier veins. I would know because many of my older friends tend to suffer from these exact symptoms. And I know for a fact that if you have high blood pressure and varicose veins, its a simple recipe for disaster.

Usually, I noticed most of my friends get these following a pregnancy, at around age 20. And I would be lying to you if I told you that looking at them doesn't  make my stomach churn, the purple bulgyness, the inflation, the inflated ankles and the dreaded SOARS that come with the whole package. It's a simple nightmare for someone youthful, It will make your husband or any lover stay away from your lower region, hindering your sex life.

So , being a good friend, I went with my ladies to various clinics looking for solutions. Surgery was out of the bloody question because, lets face it, complications, infection, raptures, aneurysm, ugh... , its just NOT worth the pain and suffering. So we went the natural way, we tried yoga, antioxidants, natural anti-inflammatories (natural and pill form) and the list just goes on and on.

We ended up just wanting to bang our heads against he wall and give up. It was very painful, even for someone without the veins, It was a painful experience. And then I remembered: why not just do a Google search? And lets get serious, the internet is a notorious place for getting people to ditch out money on stuff that FAILS. Now, I'm a very strong willed person, so I decided to start at the basics, do an anatomical study on the veins afflicted, why the ankles inflate, the scars and why the purplish color was so prominent. I then came to an interesting article on "compressive clothing" and how that could possibly work. I thought it would fail, and I was partially right. You see, what compressive clothing will do is simply push the veins in, yes I found a great pair of shaping pants here:

And for men I would suggest:



And they worked great on removing the surface "bunches" ,but, after a week of use. And two weeks without using the pants had them coming back. Its just a temporary solution, yes it works, but It's not the panacea I wished it would be. So, I did more research and found "Varicose Vein Secrets" a delightful e book written by Diane Thompson. I sort of facepalmed my head at this point because 90% of everything that I did was "re-creating fire" if you would even call it that. She went over everything that I discovered from experiences with my girlfriends.

I felt like quite a fool at that moment, I must admit it. She even went over the whole entire "unhealthy yoga vs healthy yoga" routines that I had partially unveiled, for if you don't know, some yoga exercises actually worsen your varicose veins. I had nothing more to say, I was speechless, and upon trying it with my girlfriends, we had hat appeared to be mixed success, they partially vanished, so we abandoned this. But, to my surprise, they did not grow back where they partially vanished. So, we tried more methods and in three months, they where gone. I can happily tell you that all three of my friends that had them are living with either 90% less visible ones or, none at all. So, I decided to share my experiences with you before you try and waste too much money on re-inventing the wheel.

Im not telling you It will work fast, Im just telling you it will work, Im positive, so try it out today. Get your copy, and start showing off your sexy legs again!  If your not 100% satisfied with your purchase there is a 60 day money back guarantee! Enjoy , I know I did :D

click here to check it out click here to check it out


Kindest Regards, Ferdinand.
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