Steve Jobs: The Visionary, Innovator, and Creative Genius

Steve Jobs 2008 Steve Jobs 2008

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc., was a pioneer of the modern technological era. His visionary leadership, relentless pursuit of perfection, a...

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Apple Phishing Scam 2018

Apple Scam 2018 Apple Scam 2018

A recent string of apple phishing scams has begun to plague the country. This scam involves the reception of emails claiming to be from apple support,...

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Should I Get An Iphone 6 Or Iphone 6 Plus?

Should I Get An Iphone 6 Or Iphone 6 Plus?

Rich people always seem to have the most complicated problems. Perhaps today you came here wondering whether you should get an iphone 6 or an iphone 6 plus… correct?Well, luckily we can be very strait-forward and tell you that there are only slight differences between these two monstrous excuses for “cell phones”. Can we start by saying that these phones perform 100% identically and therefore there is no performance difference between the “plus model” and the regular? The only difference between the plus and the regular is the size. Obviously, we can also say that the battery on the plus is larger and therefore the adapter is a different voltage. However, both phones should last the same period of time and be able to perform the same tasks interchangeably.So what now? Well, if you have pockets that can fit a tablet; please get the plus model. If you are anything like...

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