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Ok, so on February 01. 2013, the famous ad host network "adbrite" had decided to shut down. We were never made aware of this, and our main source of income, which we never collected was from blacklabelads and adbrite.

blacklabelads blacklabelads

We never even received notification, because we were a publisher, not an advertiser. All emails we have sent to adbrite, and blacklabel have come back as "server could not be reached" errors.

We cant even tell you, as our dear readers, how detrimental this course of action is to our existence. Just imagine, this is our only way of paying for everything, and now it's gone. So you can safely say, we will look for alternatives, but we are losing much time and money working on our beloved project that yields no income.

We made you a promise, we will not allow this to set us back, we will come out of this turmoil stronger and more motivated than before!

We will look for alternatives to adbrite, and blacklabel ads! And hopefully, you can understand why development has begun to "slow down". We are a tiny crew , and time has always been a strain. Sorry for any inconveniences this has caused you.

Sometimes we all have to wonder how much better things would be if we were "self sufficient". But building an ad network is crazy, and one person would need almost a year of dedication to make it all happen :(
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