Have you ever wondered what on earth is making that annoying buzzing sound in the trees? Or perhaps on an evening stroll you hear reverberating sounds coming from the trees, you think it's a bird , or maybe a plane, but no no, it's a Cicada!

Cicada Molting

Cicada Molting

The cicada is not related to locusts or grasshoppers, it is entirely different, although they do eat pretty much the same thing. Cicadas are dedicated vegetarian insects, they will under no circumstance eat insect larvae or anything of the nature.

Cicadas are actually one of the most common insects on earth, often appearing in the late spring to early fall, chirping in your ears until you snap.

The ones in the good old states usually sound like rattle snakes, progressively getting more annoying as you move further north. The ones in Japan and China are easier to listen to, some Japanese ones are actually quite relaxing.

Japanese Cicada

Japanese Cicada

Cicadas are also edible, yes you can simply pick one up off a tree and bite into it like a banana.

Don't eat me , bro

Don't eat me , bro plix

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