George H.W. Bush Dies

George H.W. Bush Dies George H.W. Bush Dies

Americans mourn today as the beloved 41st president of the United States has been pronounced dead on arrival to the local hospital. Correspondents from Houston, Texas have confirmed that the president was found unresponsive in his Houston home.

Further investigation conducted by various medical professionals indicated that Bush succumb to his long battle with Parkinson's disease (a disease that degenerates the body and brain slowly). He had refused further treatment earlier this year following the death of his beloved wife, Barbara Bush who passed away seven months prior.

George H.W. Bush will likely not be remembered as Gerald Ford's vice president; this legacy was overshadowed by his overwhelmingly positive performance during his actual presidency. Bush led the country during the collapse of the Soviet Union; a time of great change. Bush also personally authorized the march on Saddam Hussein's massive military invasion into Kuwait; following an ultimatum. Thus H.W. Bush led the entire coalition of nations that crippled Saddam's efforts and brought about the setting of his son's final blow to the regime of Iraq.

George H.W. Bush also created many public programs in his time, continued to modernize the American military, and created a presidential library following his term. Although Bush would end his first term without a re-election; his approval ratings (posthumous) were over 60%. Bush's only criticism comes from his somewhat "bland" presidency following the gulf war.

As with any presidential death, all flags will be at half-staff for a minimum of ten days.

A lavish presidential funeral will be held within a few weeks as George H.W. Bush is laid to rest in his family crypt. 

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