Tesla S type sedan

The world is indeed moving into the future. Now, wee have something much stronger than a hybrid : a fully electric sedan. Heck, these things can go 0-60 in 5.3 seconds (better than some v8's).

We of course are talking about the hyped up tesla model s. This sedan defines a luxurious , technologically advanced , smooth ride with an economic edge. The car looks pretty amazing from the inside and out , it is quite literally a luxury trim car.

The vehicle has options to come with a panoramic sunroof , chrome wheel, a rear spoiler and very nice looking interior leather/wood matches. Best of all, the company delivers the cars to your door.

We would love to get our hands on one and do a full review of all the features, including highway/road/ off-road performance, but at almost 100,000$ per unit, it's not possible for us to get our hands on one.

Tesla is also working on a crossover X model, we will talk about this model when we get more information on it's wear-abouts. But yeah if you're very rich, try the model s, maybe donate one to us -_-

Tesla Model S Tesla Model S
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