The best cars to live in

Living in your car Were you recently evicted from your home ? Are you looking to take your entire life to the road? Well , luckily we have a list of three affordable vehicles that might keep you dry when the next depression strikes! Coming in at number three is the ford 200-2007 se/ses wagon , a vehicle of insurmountably cheap comfort! The ford taurus wagon will keep you dry , and folding the rear seats will give you two wonderful stretch beds! So now even when nuclear fallout ah begins to rain , you can sleep in comfort in your cheap vehicle! Have a beer while your at it , after all , it is an American car! ford taurus wagon (who knows if the new one is as awesome as the older ones)At number two , we have the Honda element ! A car designed to keep you out...

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Tesla S type sedan

The world is indeed moving into the future. Now, wee have something much stronger than a hybrid : a fully electric sedan. Heck, these things can go 0-60 in 5.3 seconds (better than some v8's).We of course are talking about the hyped up tesla model s. This sedan defines a luxurious , technologically advanced , smooth ride with an economic edge. The car looks pretty amazing from the inside and out , it is quite literally a luxury trim car.The vehicle has options to come with a panoramic sunroof , chrome wheel, a rear spoiler and very nice looking interior leather/wood matches. Best of all, the company delivers the cars to your door.We would love to get our hands on one and do a full review of all the features, including highway/road/ off-road performance, but at almost 100,000$ per unit, it's not possible for us to get our hands on one.Tesla...

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The end of wireless car remotes

With the future advancing ever so rapidly in our technology infested world, we tend to take a variety of things for granted. For example, you no longer see people using radios to listen to music, simply because using your smart-phone to tune in to satellite radio (every station imaginable) , and having your favorite songs all in one place is just so convenient (who needs CDs nowadays other than "hipsters" right?).Well, since the radio is dead (a one hundred year old project in the making), we are looking towards other things our smart-phones are slowly superseding. We know alarm clocks , calenders , stopwatches, watches, cameras (unless you're a photographer, which within 10 years might apply to you as well) , and the list goes on. GPS , house phone , etc. Some stores have even made their primary scanners for checkout based on smartphones (99.9999% of apple stores). Some places...

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Ford unveils ecoboost tremor

Ford has revealed their newest truck for the year of 2014. The truck is said to be the "most fuel efficient" truck ever made, and as Fords tend to be on the more powerful side, Ford promises not to sacrifice performance like Ram's 1500 ecoboost does.The truck is promised to be "commute worthy" and economically much fairer than the lower tiered f150.  The ford tremor will debut some time in the late fall this year , it might be interesting , and it might not. It will however be cheaper than the ram 1500 and ford f150 , that might make it the most popular pickup truck fast.The tremor promises well over 20 mpg combined epa estimate. We know that the good old taurus SHO could barely get 12 mpg combined, the world is clearly moving forward, we would say. ford tremor 2014

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Are minivans for women?

This question has long puzzled the modern world : are vans feminine? We tend to assume that every van we see on the highway is some soccer mom with her stupid kids riding in the back. Often , these vans cut you off and you see a woman talking on the phone as she slowly comes to a stop at the red light in front of you. Chrysler Town and country minivanIt's kind of ironic, every time this has happened it has always been a woman behind the seat. This leads us to ask and wonder why men don't buy or use minivans. The simple answer to that is probably thata) Minivans are too expensive for the features you're gettingb) Why buy  a minivan when you can get a truck-bed SUV for the same price?There are many more features that need to be weighed such as the ability of disabled to...

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Contest for a free car continues

We are still awaiting that surge of people that will follow us on facebook and twitter (links to your bottom right) in order to win a free car! As we stated, in the closing of 2013, we added a few small time prizes of a free car along with microsoft points. So, right now we are reminding you, along with sharing a change in the prize , unless you want a civic.We are announcing that the prize will be changed to a 2013 Honda Accord V6 ,heated leather, sunroof , chrome limited time wheel rims, a sports package rear tail spoiler, wood-trim with chrome lining  , and quite possibly we might install xenon headlights. Also note that it does have on-board navigation, which is pretty standard today, bluetooth synchronization, and like the 2012 civic , an ipod charger in the armrest/ center console.We hope that you join us, and help us...

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BMW recalls 600,000 cars

It is the most stunning thing , in recent years, the unstoppable German industrial might has never produced anything of abysmal quality. Today, he automotive giant , and industry leader of entry-level luxury BMW has recalled almost 600,000 vehicles from the US and Canada due to faulty wiring.These are mostly models from 2009-2012 , and all of it is due to an attempt to cut costs by using interchangeable parts between models. This attempt at American style standardization has killed the ,now known myth, of German industrial quality invincibility.Although time and time again, German cars have been the best, perhaps the entire world is going to s$%^ , using the concept of interchangeability and mass production. In our humble opinion, quality is always triumphant over quantity. BMW recall

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You could own George Bush's 2009 ford f150

Thats right everyone, the ex president and oil entrepreneur is selling off his used 2009 ford f150. This is your chance to own a piece of history! (cough). The proceeds will go to an organization to help veterans of the armed forces, which is a noble cause, but who wants George W Bush's used truck?Well, George will sign the dashboard for you, and maybe throw in a case of beer. The mileage is unknown, although as it was his "ranch surveillance vehicle" , it shouldn't be too high.But hell, starting January 16th, the auction will start! I wish you all luck gentlemen, and if you want to give it to me , and consider the donation "charity" , I will gladly take this piece of history and drive it around with pride!Cheers everyone! George Bush's 2009 Ford f150 for sale

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