Decline of soda pop

Soda seems like such a normal part of our lives. But in reality, just a decade ago, people literally drank it instead of water. So now with the bashing soda has received from scientists and doctors-even the diets are carcinogens- , soda revenue a a whole has plummeted 40% in just 8 years!

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This might seem absurd, in an era where the only thing you can buy to drink at fast food restaurants appears to be well.... soda.

But in reality, you don't go to the market and buy 12 bottles like people did before. In fact, most people have given soda up altogether, opting instead to healthier alternatives such as teas and water.

Although we don't blame you, things don't look too good for the coca cola company if this trend continues. Likewise pepsi co and minor producers have shifted to alternatives, such as the famous disani filtered tap water.

Some places around the country have actually issued full on soda bans, although this is a bit extreme, it reflects the negative image we now have , compared to those good old black and white films where the cool guy would go out with his pals for a "cold pop".

Those days are over, and soda's days might be numbered. But we personally prefer sam pelligrino anyways :)
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