Oprah Winfrey still crying over a bag

Oprah Winfrey, god knows why shes so famous, has recently began to cry about how a shop in Zürich, Switzerland refused to allow her to see a bag. Thinking that she is god and all with all her wealth, she began calling it racism and damning Switzerland , calling them all "racists".Winfrey claims that someone at the shop told her she couldn't see the bag (hold it) because it was too expensive. She responded by doing what the typical agitated person would do, she stormed out , called the papers and wanted the president of the country to apologize to her (wtf?).Now, the shopkeeper simply stated that the bag was too expensive to take out of it's protective case, but Winfrey is blowing things out of proportion. It doesn't matter what color you are, unless you will buy something that costs millions of dollars, you probably wont get to hold it,...

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How to win your next election

Political ButtonsGoing to the polls soon? There may be many questions you ask yourself. You might be left wondering where to start, even the smallest details seem like too much for one person. So, instead of waiting around, you should sit your ass down and get to reading!There are millions of tricks , tips and tactics politicians use, these can be used interchangeably from occasions such as "running for president of a country" , or simply "class president of your local school". Never the less, such things are difficult, time consuming and leave most of us scratching our heads wondering where to start (like all this political style crap doesn't exactly have a code book you know).That is where the "how to win any election kit" comes into play. Check it out, if you don't like it, just return it for a full refund of the purchase price. We can assure...

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Decline of soda pop

Soda seems like such a normal part of our lives. But in reality, just a decade ago, people literally drank it instead of water. So now with the bashing soda has received from scientists and doctors-even the diets are carcinogens- , soda revenue a a whole has plummeted 40% in just 8 years! youre doing it wrong tyroneThis might seem absurd, in an era where the only thing you can buy to drink at fast food restaurants appears to be well.... soda.But in reality, you don't go to the market and buy 12 bottles like people did before. In fact, most people have given soda up altogether, opting instead to healthier alternatives such as teas and water.Although we don't blame you, things don't look too good for the coca cola company if this trend continues. Likewise pepsi co and minor producers have shifted to alternatives, such as the famous disani filtered...

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Man plants apple seed

41 year old Miguel Hernandez has planted some apple seeds today. When we came to his door , questioning him , he said " I always dreamed of having an apple tree". We were so baffled, we began FOAMING AT THE F#$%%& MOUTH! Why the fvck would you want this?It came as an absolute shock, why would someone want an apple tree!? What on earth prompted this man to wake up one morning and tell himself " gee, I think today I want to plant an apple tree". We began foaming at the mouth again, and curling into a fetal position, our camera man even began sucking his thumb.After we did the whole session, Hernandez headed off to work, he works for some small company as a telemarketer, and guess what? We found out our camera had a "safety lens cap" only to be disabled "by the little red -practically invisible-...

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