Fix your xbox 360 fast!

Why the hell would you waste 139$ to refurbish your xbox when you can fix it yourself for less than 20$?

        How can you do it?

Well, for less than 20$ (us), you can effectively fix any problem free of charge through this easy to follow, step by step process! All you have to do is get this easy to follow and inexpensive program (stock full of videos and detailed instructions on how to fix your xbox for free). Microsoft would never tell you because then they would lose money. Oh, and does 20$ sound like too much? The truth is this guide costs less than 15$! Get yours today and save hundreds for the next couple of years! Not to mention, you can make a lucrative business fixing other people's xbox's for about 30$/box (so they save money) and guess what? 30$/(one hour tops that you need to fix the box) is 4x the us minimum wage O_o.

Does it work?

In the end we found out that yes, it works. But we felt sort of scammed because you can find about 40%  30% of everything in this manual using youtube and yahoo answers. So, is it worth 15$? Yes, what they say is quite true, this product does end up saving you money. The 60% 70% of the content that we did find useful is actually really basic physics , some methods mystified us, about 10% did not work for us, but you will save money doing this. We assure you that 15$ is worth saving 150$, the huge plus is that since its a pdf, you can download it the second you buy it.

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