George Zimmerman found not guilty

zimmerman not guilty zimmerman not guilty

Yesterday was a very tense moment, the families of dead boy Treyvon Martin , and the alleged shooter , George Zimmerman met in court to hear the verdict of a 6 person jury.

The verdict came after over a year of trial and other court procedures. As anticipated, Zimmerman was found not guilty by reason/virtue of self defense. You see, when you are having your head slammed against pavement by anyone, regardless of race, color or religion , your instinct will always be to fight -- for if you don't you will die.

Because it is very proper to defend yourself by all means necessary , sometimes people that go mad end up dead. As the old saying goes "its either me or the other guy". In a life and death struggle , there is no racial based fury, there is no hatred, only the will to survive.

In response to the verdict of the jury (which did include one African woman) , the African community has begun to riot. They have claimed that everything is based on racial profiling, and that the "stand your ground law" is only in place to allow people to shoot minorities for no reason -- and get away with it. (This would never be the case)

Regardless of how some people see it, in all honesty we must admit, if we had a gun and someone was killing us, we would definitely shoot... no?

This will continue to make national headlines , Zimmerman will probably be threatened, and eventually the case will become just another boring file in the pages of history books.

If anything else happens, we will let you know. Seriously >.>
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