Heinous attack by crazed gunman leaves six dead

Gunamans Vehicle

Gunman's Vehicle

22 year old self-proclaimed “alpha male” Eliot Rodger (son of the director of the Hunger Games) has committed a disturbing and disgraceful act today. 

Rodger , after posting a disturbing YouTube video vowing to take pleasure in the slaughter of those that shunned him , has killed six people and injured up to six more.Rodger allegedly stabbed three men at his home – somehow managing to kill them all. Then, Rodger went to the University Of California and gunned down two women.Rodger finished his rampage by shooting another male and ramming his black BMW into a car, injuring a family of 4 people.

 Upon retrieval by police, the body of Rodger was noted to have a bullet hole which obviously meant that he shot himself in his car.

Rodger’s actions were claimed to be on a basis of inferiority. Rodger stated that he would slaughter those he felt were more competent than him (good looking males and females). This deranged maniac took the liberty to script out his intentions in a YouTube video where he vowed to take revenge on humanity.

Rodger does have a disturbing past filled with violence and deviant behavior. Just a few years ago, Rodger was warranted by the local deputy’s office on a count of indecent assault and battery. Rodger, however, claimed that his tiny unidentified victim was beating on him rather than vice versa and the charges were dropped.

Rodger was also noted to have a very antisocial and violent pattern of behavior – which led his own parents to seek professional help which Rodger apparently bitterly declined.

 Nevertheless, these actions and those that have taken course over the past couple of years can only strengthen the cause sought by few to arm all American. It is very obvious that had Rodger’s victims had a method of defense, his rampage might have been stopped before anyone was killed.

 Rodger will now and forever be deemed a disturbed and malicious coward, but hopefully such tragedies can be prevented in the future.

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