Cthulhu Portal Made More User Friendly

Let us start by stating that we still did not get any solid users, perhaps we have made it difficult for you to register, perhaps you don't like the way the website looks, perhaps you fear this website will fail? Well, we did a few things to make your experience not only easier, but more enjoyable.

Let us begin at the basics.

We wanted to implement a wall, quite a while back, really, and so we did, feel free to check it out the next time you visit a user.

Then , we added the ability to rate users. Yes, it's rather unnecessary, but it might make you happier.

We then added the ability to register automatically using facebook , or twitter, you can then log in at the touch of a button, no more need to type anything in :)

In general, we made this more community based, feel free to make suggestions on the forum, remember, when you click forum, a menu will appear below it, click "index" To view the main forum.

And don't forget to invite your friends >:D

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