How to break into your own car

If you're reading this, then you're probably at where I was today. You probably foolishly left your keys in your car, because you don't have wireless capabilities to unlock your vehicle (it becomes a habit to lock the doors before leaving the car, I know). My car was probably stolen to begin with, so I don't mind sharing with you how I broke back into it.

Now , as a disclaimer this is for people that have locked themselves out of their cars , you cant do anything if you plan on stealing a car today, the "key chip sensor" wire makes it practically impossible to hotwire these days, I mean you're just better off throwing some sparkplugs through the windshield and defecating (or beating the bishop) on the seats until the cops arrive to send your ass to jail.

Okay, so your keys are standing there, on the passenger seat, taunting you. Don't let emotion take over , DON'T BREAK THE GLASS!. It's costly to repair, and it's just not worth it.

Okay, so all you need is a door wedge(or some other type of wedge), and a piece of elongated, but skinny metal ,something about the length of your arm from the end of the hand to your elbow.

Start out by gently wedging the door wedge in between the passenger door and the central piece of metal that divides the passenger door from the rear right door (or left if you live in the UK).

You should be able to easily create a small opening using the wedge. There should be no damage inflicted to your vehicle , and you may now proceed to step #2.

Here, all you have to do is take that piece of long metal, and try to reach the door unlocker , this could take a few seconds, but it isn't hard at all. Just hit it as you would with your finger, and open the passenger door.

Congratulations! , you are the biggest bad-ass of them all , you just broke into your own car! Like a baws!

If you are smart enough to have left your keys in the trunk, repeat this process and either open the seats from the back, or click your trunk opening button (usually on the driver side door or dashboard, below the steering wheel).

like a boss

like a boss

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