How To Graph A Single Phase Or Baseline Graph In Excel (ABA)

Single Phase Graph ABA Single Phase Graph ABA

 Graphing a single phase in a baseline in excel is not the most difficult procedure you will likely learn. This reference is helpful regarding the use of only a single-phase graph design. For this purpose, the video demonstrates the process using Microsoft excel 2016 on a windows platform. The procedure for re-creation using a apple os or linux version of excel is the same. 

In many cases, this procedure will be done by different software in the professional setting. However, it is good to remember that an alternative which is relatively quick once mastered will always exist. Again, this process is the best for a single, continuous phase.
In future segments, we will explain how to create discontinuous data in phases (breaks in data paths), stacked data paths (cumulative record), and multi-phase charts.
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How To Create A Multiple Phase Graph In Excel (ABA...
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