Adult Assaults Child Over Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game

Man Grabs And Slaps Kid Over Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Man Grabs And Slaps Kid Over Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

A 43-year-old North Alabama man is in handcuffs tonight following an incident that took place at a local card shop. According to authorities, the man lost a round of "Yu Gi Oh" to a 13-year-old child. Enraged, the man grabbed the child by the collar and slapped him several times.

Police soon showed up. After beating the man with batons and tazing him, he was led away in handcuffs. His only words were "don't leave my f****ng YU Gi Oh cards behind you ***forbrains".

The cops responded by taking the man's cards and putting them into his "personal belongings" case which he could take back if he made bail.

Bail was set for 500$. The individual will be facing assault charges, resisting arrest, battery on a minor, and indecent exposure.

Perhaps the man should have taken the advice of Robert Green Ingersoll.

The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart

Robert Green Ingersoll

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