Maternal Death Toll On The Rise In United States

While many things have been improving in the United States interior over time, it comes as a shock to learn that maternal deaths are on the rise. The shocking news coming in from various studies conducted by various medical journals has seen a drop in maternal death tolls for almost all western and developed countries.

While the trend has been negative for many countries, the United States has experienced a sharp increase in maternal deaths. This has only been duplicated at the same time in countries recovering from severe natural, pathological, and belligerent contingencies.

Experts attribute this shocking rise to a decrease in medical personnel training, unwillingness to treat patients that are not profitable, and poor modernization of medical mechanisms and techniques. As noted, one doctor stated, "it is not that we do not know how to practice preventative maintenance, many of us just refuse to do so". 

Sources: (2018). Maternal mortality for 181 countries, 1980–2008: a systematic analysis of progress towards Millennium Development Goal 

Maternal Death Toll 2018
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