Scaphism -The Ultimate Torture-

Scaphism -The Ultimate Torture-

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Scaphism is an act of execution in which a human subject is stripped naked, tied between two boats in a bog or swamp, and covered in honey , naked. This is a form of torture used first by Persians in 401BC, scaphism literally means "the boats in Greek".

Scaphism is intended to kill, as over a period of about 30 days, the subject is slowly eaten alive by various insects and swamp microbes. The victim has little to no chance of dying of shock (unless septic shock is induced through the anus) and is usually fed food and water though a tube to ensure they will last at least thirty days.

Scaphism has historically been used as a method of execution in ancient Persia, Rome, and Greece. It was last used in theory in Shakespeare's "The Winter Tale" , where a boy would be strapped to a brick wall, covered in honey, and eaten raw by wasps. Then, he would be left out in the sun for flies to finish the job.

Scaphism is rare in the modern world because it is exceptionally cruel, and inhumane. Although it would make a great horror movie right?


Scaphism the cat eating an apple , just to lighten the mood :)

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Scaphism -the ultimate torture-

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