Sky Punch

Sky Punch

What would the end of the world look like? Perhaps this question can be answered by looking at a weather phenomenon known as a “sky punch” (the actual name is Fallstreak Hole).
A fallstreak hole/ sky punch is basically a weather phenomenon in which specific types of cumulus clouds (cirrocumulus and altocumulus) form a hole in the center, and subsequently ice particles may fall rapidly downwards or evaporate.
If the Burgeron Process (see citation) takes effect, the sky punch will likely simply be a hole in a very cloudy sky. These can be observed frequently during the winter. These are characterized by being the only rays of sunlight on a very cloudy day.

Sky Punch Oklahoma
However, if the Burgeron Process does not take place, something truly magnificent occurs!
Ice particles begin to form above the hole in a beautiful mass. The crystalized ice then begins to move clockwise in what appears to be an ice tornado. Lastly, the particles are sent towards earth with tremendous force.
This phenomenon can be dangerous if someone happens to be below the sky punch when it begins to jettison (violently throw) the ice particles downwards.

Fallstreak hole
The phenomenon, due to this action in particular, can look like the end of the world is coming.
The ground afflicted with the ice particles can temporarily look like it was bombarded by spears of ice. The ice literally stabs the ground and forms crystallized structures.

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