Snow slams Vermont and New York

Yesterday, what appeared to be just an average 30 second "rain to snow" sprinkle turned pretty intense. At around 12:00 eastern time , small little flakes of snow began to pounder in the areas of high elevation.

What locals predicted to be "the final fluttering of flakes" of the 2012-2013 year quickly accumulated to more than three feet in depth. Highways in both states were shut down , and this memorial day, people will be left to shovel over three feet of wet snow.

What can we say, perhaps this is a farewell gift from this rather bitter winter? Whatever it is, it was record snowfall for both areas , especially for this "last month of spring". The weather in this country is just acting up recently , isn't it?

record may 2013 snowfall in new york and vermont record may 2013 snowfall in new york and vermont
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