The Creation Of Cyborgs



Wouldn't it be awesome if you could augment your strength? How about flying using just your brain? The ideas of creating humanoid machines has been plaguing science fiction for almost a century now, but it is actually moving to reality.

Inspirations from science fiction items such as implanted jet packs, mechanical arms and internally implanted underwater breathing devices have been developed by nations from as far back as ancient Greece.

But think about this for just a small second. When you get in a car, you can almost feel it right? You don't necessarily physically feel the car, but you can determine that speed without looking at the speedometer, you can tell when you have hit a pothole or even a tiny crevice without actually seeing it, and you can sense how fast you need to go when changing lanes on the highway. Hell, you probably can feel the length and width of your car.

The thing is, you feel the same thing when playing tennis, or even baseball. You almost become one with the tool of your choice. Does that make sense?

Now imagine simple implants, perhaps mechanical joints which can help increase your strength when necessary. There are already machines that can replace vital organs like the heart, and bio-mechanically engineered heart monitors can bring back the human heart following cardiac arrest using gentle shocks.

You see, perhaps the idea of fusing machines and humans --or other animals for that matter-- is not too far from happening. Maybe it has already happened. Perhaps we will soon live in a world where cars won’t be necessary, and humans will live on land, swim under water, and fly in the sky.

Even having a simple internal air filter so you can breathe in space would make you a cyborg.


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