Top three people we want to punch in the face

#3) Clint Howard

Coming in at number three is Clint Howard! Yes, he might be dead, but every bloody time we see this guy, we keep asking ourselves how he became so popular. I mean for the love of god, have you seen this guy? Beady eyes, curly side hair, and a major baldspot, we cant imagine how he didn't get sucker punched for being an oddity. But we really  would adore to punch him in the face, just for the fun of it, have you seen his teeth by any chance? :P

Howard Clint Howard

#2)Kelly Osbourne

Oh for the love of god when you see this picture you will understand. Sometimes, some fruity people are just so sick looking that a punch in the face could quite possible make one feel better deep down inside.

Kelly Osbourne Kelly Osbourne

#1) Elizabeth Warren

Yes, her ads are all over youtube, her hideous face is all over the news, she lied about her heritage, she has a haircut that looks like a mushroom. We have a hard time wondering why we wouldn't adore to take a sock at that :)

Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren

Just look at that haircut, what comes to mind?

Mushroom Mushroom






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