Why it is important to release illegal immigrants

After reading a post on fox news in reference to a recent decision to send massive amounts of illegal aliens back to their countries of origin, and seeing the crooked viewpoint of whatever imbecile wrote this article, we just want to make you fully aware that what they have stated is a load of lies.

First of all, are you aware that DEA and Immigration officials that create these asylums to process immigrants for months are paid with your tax dollars (165$/day/person+fees)?


So basically, the longer they hold these poor commoners, that simply want to pick fruit or work in construction to provide for their families, the more money these officials make.

And for what? To keep people held prisoner for no reason whatsoever? Because it totally takes 6-12 months to process a guy and send him back to Mexico, right?

Well, as we have seen in Fox News' report, many are being released unconditionally. They might appear to be being given amnesty, but then they have to make the effort to crawl back over, which as demonstrated by frontline and vanguard -both which are amazing shows- is very , very difficult and dangerous.

The upside to releasing them like this is that less tax money is wasted to do "de facto" nothing. But fox news is bashing this, saying it's a crime against humanity to allow some poor uneducated peasants to go back home without being detained for years [sometimes more as show on vanguard].

Try to understand this in general, if we were all aware of how much money is being wasted on this bullshit, maybe we might do something about it, like stop reading fox news.

Of course deportation is proper and humane, it should still be done, but why not put 90% of this budget that is rationed towards detaining these people towards border security? I mean come on, if they never get in we just scored tons of money and effort to begin with.
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