Yazidi Men Slaughtered

Yazidi Men Slaughtered

A new report coming in from the “New Iraq” has posed some very dramatic and concerning statements.
Apparently, following the seizure of land around the city of Mosul and surrounding areas, mass genocides have taken place.
Although there were interventions by U.S. planes which apparently suppressed some of the insurgents, fresh reports of mass killings involving religious minorities (Yazidi) have surfaced.
Apparently, Yazidi individuals are deemed “devious” and are associated with the worship of a fallen angel (satan). These people have subsequently been killed in mass executions.
Regardless, the mass killings that have taken place late yesterday and early today cannot be justified. There has been no formal “call to action” by the United States or any of her allies in regards to this growing crisis. The best solution, claimed by allied commanders, is to lend indirect support and supplies.
We will continue to report on this situation as it progresses.

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