Current tv dies

One of the best channels for the past couple of year ,current tv, has been sold to a quitar based arab news agency. The channel was initially an investment made by al gore in 2005 , which seemed profitable at the time. Unfortunately, few people knew about the channel -- if they did it wouldn't have been sold.Current featured wonderful shows , usually portraying "otherworldly matters" -- giving tremendous insight into foreign affairs. Shows like Vanguard, Dangerous Journeys and daily documentaries really made the channel worth watching.We learned things such as narcotic problems, economic destruction through foreign "corporate imperialism" and generally gained a better perspective of our modern ,and sometimes superficially perfect, world.The change took place on august 20th , but we don't watch too much television anyways, so we noticed today(27th). The new channel was bought by Al Jazeera for 500 million dollars (US) , an arab news agency that...

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