Pirates near Nipah, Indonesia threaten crewman with knife and steal engine parts

In an anchorage off the coast of Nipah, Indonesia , seven armed men boarded a merchant ship. Four men went to the stowage chambers, and two went up to the captain's quarters.One man was present at the time in the captain's quarters. The man that was captured was beaten and threatened with a knife. The man was then released and all the pirates had fled the ship. Upon access of damages inflicted, the crew noticed spare engine parts were completely missing.Perhaps the reason why these are being stolen so commonly is that they can be used to build faster pirate vessels. The rest of the crew was unscathed , some did not even notice the "silent" intrusion. stolen boat engine

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Pirates Steal two boat engines

Stolen Boat Engines By PiratesOn the coast of Dumai Inner Anchorage, Indonesia , an oil tanker was stationed as the crew rested ashore. Upon return , the crew noticed that two diesel powered boat engines had been stolen. The culprits left behind muddy bare foot prints , likewise a few rounds of ammunition were located on-site indicating that these pirates were armed. Nobody has been hurt, and the incident has been reported to local authorities for further investigation. 

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