World says "no" to helping polar bears

Sadly, an international committee headed by the USA and seconded by Canada decided to shut down an international regulation on hunting, near extinct and critically endangered polar bears.WHY? WHY???? It's very sad to watch rich scumbags just disrespect an entire species like this to save a few bucks. Damn the human race, we aren't even giving them a chance, but on top of that we are hunting them just for their furs. It pains us to say this, but the Polar Bear will be another passenger pigeon. These poor polar bears, they will be no more in our own lifetimes.How can a world that is so scientifically motivated let this happen? The world is a sick and horrible place it appears, and no mercy shall be bestowed on those less fortunate. In the end the polar bear stands no chance. No matter our efforts, the will of many [corrupt] people shall...

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