Eating Snake Meat

Eating Snake Eating Snake

Eating snake meat has once been considered utter taboo worldwide. Although some countries have partaken in the eating of snakes for thousands of years...

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Florida residents trap boa constrictor in barbecue

Florida residents trap boa constrictor in barbecue

Florida residents were noted to have trapped a loose boa constrictor in a barbeque today. Apparently, the 12-foot long snake was very casually slithering around town when vigil-antis decided they had enough.Apparently, the snake decided to cross the road (better a 12-foot python than a chicken right?) and the civilians pounced on it with a barbecue. After wrestling with the snake for a few minutes, they finally managed to shove it so deep down the barbecue that it could no longer slither away and strangle the wildlife.Police stated that the residents used pillowcase to secure the snake inside of the barbecue. When interrogated by the local authorities about whether the residents planned to make the python into hotdogs, the unanimous answer was “no”.Eyewitness reports claim that one man stated “I never did wonder what python tastes like”. Nobody but a few small rodents were hurt in this incident.

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