Using plasma instead of a scalpel

an argon beam scalpel an argon beam scalpel

Using the conventional scalpel might be a thing of the past. A team of scientists in Washington DC has begun tests of using plasma beams to cut apart humans on the operating tables.

In essence, this would create an environment that is virtually blood-free, and surgeons would be able to be more precise when cutting a patient. This group of scientist claim that the plasma is not only more sanitary and antibacterial, but it is way more precise due to it's thin length (eliminating unnecessary collateral damage to surrounding tissues).

Quite literally, men have used heat to mend wounds for a very long time in hopes of preventing infection. Heat also relaxes tissue (that is not incinerated) around the area of affliction , causing little to no complications.

Ironically, this would literally be (and we quote the doctors) "a lightsaber" in that it cuts with a controlled jet of argon or xenon gas , vaporizing a very tiny area on contact. This is a great leap forward in modern medicine and we will keep you updated on the progress of this research.
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