A new doomsday virus discovered

A new virus may have leaked over from Saudi Arabia. Accordingly, a man from Qatar was visiting mecca, and received the virus from a local man that later died.  The man currently infected is probably going to die.

The virus mimics SARS , which has a 10% fatality rate , and no known treatment to this date. The good thing is, this virus takes time to spread, therefore we probably have more time to study it before more people get infected and die.

Much like SARS, it causes your lungs to shrivel, and kidney failure. So, the patient coughs up blood and dies of kidney failure over time.

If the man does die, this virus would have a 100% fatality level, workers in the UK say they will work hard to try to understand the virus, but at this time there is no treatment or antidote available, so be very careful not to catch it.

Doomsday Virus Doomsday Virus

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