The end of wireless car remotes

With the future advancing ever so rapidly in our technology infested world, we tend to take a variety of things for granted. For example, you no longer see people using radios to listen to music, simply because using your smart-phone to tune in to satellite radio (every station imaginable) , and having your favorite songs all in one place is just so convenient (who needs CDs nowadays other than "hipsters" right?).

Well, since the radio is dead (a one hundred year old project in the making), we are looking towards other things our smart-phones are slowly superseding. We know alarm clocks , calenders , stopwatches, watches, cameras (unless you're a photographer, which within 10 years might apply to you as well) , and the list goes on. GPS , house phone , etc. Some stores have even made their primary scanners for checkout based on smartphones (99.9999% of apple stores). Some places are ecstatic to introduce "pay by phone" in their rapidly technologically advancing stores --including most coffee places.

Well, another item will soon be added to the list. You see , Chevrolet started the trend with their recent "locate my car app" , which is free to purchase and will generally work on any 2014 Chevrolet model. Remote start seemed to be innovative, but now it seems like a standardization.

So, we are getting at something most car manufacturers are beginning to agree upon : cars should be able to be started up , located , unlocked, and armed/locked using a smartphone. You can kiss those good old keys a farewell, withing the next year, they too will be ancient history.

But hey , we saw this coming. RIP remote + keys for cars. Some people are even looking into controlling your car using gps and your smartphone. Others have created gas pumps that will start and fuel any make/model with the touch of a smartphone button. The world is changing people, and the future is closer than we ever thought possible.

smartphone car key smartphone car key
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