Airstrikes on Syria authorized by the Senate

accordingly toxic gas has been used in syria , prompting congress to declare airstrikes Accordingly toxic gas has been used in Syria , prompting congress to declare airstrikes

Today is a very painful day for the United States. You see, our congress has elected to begin airstrikes on Syria. Not that this in any way is outrage at the fact that we are attacking in support of anarchist rubble , but we like to view this more as another reason why gas prices and taxes will rise.

We have experience with this bullshit in the past, I mean after going after Iraq's "huge army" and obliterating it to pieces, our gas hit an all-time high, our currency value plummeted (and is continuing) , and the American people cant have as much fun anymore because we don't have as much money to spend on entertainment (no beer money brah).

For the love of god, if our government wants to fight another war , even if it is "air only" at the moment, they should at least be so kind as to hand us some money to make up for the increase in those damn gas prices!

The formula is something like this (turbulence in the middle east ---> warplanes deployed---->taxes go up ---->gas prices go up ---> our money is "worth less" --- > we become unhappy ). Lets just hope we don't see any riots!

We honesty don't care about Syria. Like we said from the start, its an internal conflict between two sides (both appear rather evil). Hell, if we want to airstrike these people, why wouldn't we target the terrorist rebels as well? Why only the "tyrannical government"?

It is clear that all our intentions are going to become sludged again , and our presence in the middle east will require manpower again. So much for pulling our lads out eh Obama?

What we see is that much like the Egyptian situation , the new government will be run by Islamic radicals, and probably be toppled over and over again. Once Assad is dethroned , anarchy and chaos will envelop his country. Syria will become another Iraq --no government , bullied and shaped by warlords--.

Its like this gentlemen: we have nothing to gain from this conflict, and we have too much to lose. Even one dead American,Brit, French or Russian is not worth getting into this conflict. There will be too much to regret if we proceed with this!
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