How to get tree sap off your car

Tree sap can be very annoying , in some situations your driveway might be directly below some pine trees , causing that "sperm effect" where the tree sap is all over your car like bird s$it every morning. Luckily, there is a "do it yourself" way of removing the sap rather easily!

We do also know that the sap turns white , and is usually is full of needles --making it (the sap chunks)painful to try to tear off-. Worst of all, sometimes the sap on the windshield can cause you to lose focus , and maybe not see something you should see in front of you (wouldn't that suck major d1#k?).

Ok, so, just like our tutorial on "how to remove tree sap from your hands" , this is pretty freaking easy. So easy it actually hurts! Just go down to the local shop , buy some green (works better than clear) hand sanitizer and et ready to scrub this sh1t!

Just get a towel, or an old sock, put the sanitizer on the afflicted area of your car, and start rubbing (we don't mean th kony way--that would hurt!).

Now watch as that bird sh@$ just rubs off! And you didn't even have to hire someone ! You just saved 500$! Share this post on social media to spread the word brethren!

tree sap on volvo hood tree sap on volvo hood
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