How To Optimize Human Growth Hormone

How To Optimize Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone is often attributed as the single most important and valuable amino acid when people (men in particular) attempt to lose weight (usually caused by estrogen increases in later years) and gain muscle (along with proteins).

Optimizing Human Growth Hormone or HGH for short is not an easy or scalable task (as it is naturally produced by the body and supplements could potentially be harmful). The number one doctor recommended solution for combating low HGH or even producing standard HGH is sleep.

During sleep, humans produce the largest quantifiable mass of Human Growth Hormone. This has been monitored and documented in several external studies (in various institutions throughout the world). Primarily, HGH production is at its most potent during REM (rapid eye movement) which occurs during the 2-5 a.m. hours.
And although production of HGH does not decrease with age, it is actually completely and utterly nullified by estrogen. The largest sufferers of this phenomenon are men. Men, unlike women, do not have the natural capacity to break down estrogen as women do (as the amino acids that perform this function are primarily produced in ovaries). Men will therefore suffer more severely as they age and lose out on their potential for HGH muscle building amino acids. The end product is a great increase to man boob (which really blows), ass, thighs and stomach fat. Surprisingly, this can lead to men having more estrogen than their wives at age 50+!

So how can HGH be naturally optimized (taking everything into account)?

Primarily, people that are concerned about HGH (thus reading this article) should take the long-known advice of doctors and sleep. On average, if a person sleeps 8 hours; they will have 25% more HGH than someone that sleeps less than 8. Men concerned with the potential detrimental impacts of estrogen to their HGH stockpiles should concentrate on eating green veggies. The two single most potent destroyers of estrogens are kale greens and broccoli (as this has been proven in various lab experiments).

Anyone seeking to optimize HGH also needs to take into account foods that produce estrogen. Primarily, soy products and gluten products would need to be minimalized as those produce synthetic estrogens that are practically identical to organic estrogens.

Likewise, (sorry gentlemen) alcohol needs to be minimalized and b vitamins need to be greatly increased. Those that seek optimization might have to consider eating cow liver (which is very high in b vitamins and tastes great fried with green onions).

If your HGH levels are still low, it is perfectly fine to try a natural HGH stimulant oil. You can read more about that here: Why is building muscle so hard?

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