Natural Relief For Joint Pain -improves movement too!-

Natural Relief For Joint Pain and Arthritis?

Roughly 70 million Americans are living with joint related pain. Just getting from point A to point B can be as excruciating as popping out a child. Not to mention, there is no comfort in sitting or standing whatsoever. What's worse is , our lack of exorcise and proper nutrition is making this rise (USFDA census 2012-2013).

The sad truth: traditional joint pain medications, like NSAIDs and cox-2 inhibitors are not recommended for long term use for a series of side effects ranging from gastrointestinal bleeding to increased risk of stroke , the negatives outweigh the positives! Is your your life enjoyable if you spend every day , suffering? Do you feel like you are still that young-self, but you live in a foreign shell?

And here's where a new product (launched early this month) can possibly help you! It's a an all-natural substitute for your current pain reliever with no known harmful side affects (like that eerie bleeding we spoke about before).

This product promises to help :

  • Relieve joint pain

  • Preserve joint function

  • Protect and possibly even reverse loss of cartilage

The two main ingredients in this substance, glucosamine and chondroitin, are not naturally produced in your body after age 50. There is no known natural substance that can be deemed edible which could substitute these essential substances. And adding more pills would be a hassle.

In fact, 90% of this substance is made of pure willow bark. Which although not edible, can be boiled down to it's essential substances.

The other "active ingredients" are pretty much the same as aspirin, so really? What do you have to lose? To learn more, click the banner below :)

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