Oprah Winfrey still crying over a bag

Oprah Winfrey, god knows why shes so famous, has recently began to cry about how a shop in Zürich, Switzerland refused to allow her to see a bag. Thinking that she is god and all with all her wealth, she began calling it racism and damning Switzerland , calling them all "racists".
Winfrey claims that someone at the shop told her she couldn't see the bag (hold it) because it was too expensive. She responded by doing what the typical agitated person would do, she stormed out , called the papers and wanted the president of the country to apologize to her (wtf?).

Now, the shopkeeper simply stated that the bag was too expensive to take out of it's protective case, but Winfrey is blowing things out of proportion. It doesn't matter what color you are, unless you will buy something that costs millions of dollars, you probably wont get to hold it, sorry.  For some odd reason , everyone wants to apologize to her, but in all honesty she should suck it up and forget about it--"its just a bag lady!".

winfrey cries about a bag Winfrey cries about a bag
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