People of America, don't allow yourselves to be brainwashed by the press!

Every news site we look at, including CNN , FOX and BBC (and we do love BBC) continues to propagate stories about how the people of Syria are getting tortured, and killed. We want to let you know that, although this may be true, this is nothing new.

In times of war, people die. In times of modern war, children, and innocents die. This does not give us the right to go intervene, do not support militaristic journalists, ignore the issue. No country is being threatened by the event. We should not act the part of "god" and go force one side or the other to win.

As we have said before, this is an isolated revolution. Even during the American civil war,  children died in indirect bombardment. It's nothing new, it happens!

But for the love of god! Don't go out in the streets and demonstrate how demonic we are for not intervening, the people that write this bs do it to fuel hatred within you! Their goal is for the populous to force their governments to intervene.

We don't need this, we are finally pulling out of the middle east, it is a lost cause,  nothing can be gained from this, much can be lost. If you want to stop the influx of our men coming back in body bags, stop listening to this radical propaganda.

Ignore the issue! As stated in the Geneva convention "countries should have the right to solve internal conflicts themselves, undeterred by foreign powers".

Screw This Part Of The World Screw This Part Of The World, We have nothing to gain here, but we have so much to loose.

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