Toshiba Qosmio X870 Review

The Toshiba Qosmio X870 is a rather amazing edition to toshiba's now famous gaming laptop brand. Many would claim that the Qosmio series rivals dell's Alienware (and they would be right). So anyways, we got ourselves one the day it came out and will now begin to share our experience with you.

Lets begin with a photo of the opened Qosmio x870 so you can get a visual.


Qosmio x870

Now, the key elements of this laptop would be :

* The 17.3 inch 1600x900 full led screen display (full hd)

* Large keyboard with island configuration for a numb pad (in beautiful crimson red backlight)

* HD surround sound speakers

*The ability to turn off your touchpad by clicking th top left corner

*4 usb 3 ports

*blue ray reader (dvd r/w)

* Gigabit wifi card

* Ethernet port (if your old school)

*Beautiful design, upgrade from the x775 because the frame is aluminum rather than plastic

Our impression after a few days of testing this monster do not disappoint. We are left with the simple question of "what cant this do?".  We ran Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on max settings and our Nvidea 3 gb gtx 670m did a wonderful 82 fps throughout the game. We then ran Battlefield 3 On ultra , and still got nothing lower than 82 fps (this usually happens when first spawn). Finally, we ran The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Enhanced Edition ,accordingly the most graphic intense game to date, and got zero lag. Everything ran in real-time, and VERY smoothly.


We then moved onto using Internet browsers (flawless 205 windows opened in opera haha), then we tried Adobe CS5.5 Master Collection Student and Teacher Edition
, everything ran perfectly with the i7 and 12 gb of ram. Did we mention that the 500gb drive has a parter 500 gb drive? Thats 1 tb of extra space. We seriously recommend ths product to anyone.

Now for things we did not like:

1) The charger is bulky, and its literally a brick.

2) Unless you turn power management off, you wont be using your graphics card's 3 gb (only the added 1 gb integrated on the motherboard). So this will cause confusion, but you can disable this under "Toshiba power utility" and play without connecting to a socket  with hundreds of frames per second.

3) We , unfortunately, did not like the  mouse pad at all, simply because you cant shoot in a game with a mousepad, its too hard to focus. So , we bought a Logitech M305 Wireless Mouse (Black) and it works stunningly, we would highly suggest you get one as well.

4) The vents are located on the side so it blows out like a blowdryer ; the laptop can heat up very quickly when using the graphics card.

We must say, in the end the good outweighs the bad by millions of miles. So there is no doubt in our mind this is the best laptop out as of july 1st 2012. Buy yours today off amazon, and save 100$ +no shipping/ tax charges.

Update 08/20/2012

As we have stated before, we will continue to update this review as we keep testing the components of this laptop. And we want to address some concerns from the toshiba community.

The main concern by users is that the hdd protection shuts itself down, and causes a blue screen of death. This, is not true in this model. We have tested the feature extensively and found out that

1) It works great to keep the disks alive

2) There are 0 issues with it's implementation.

So to address the community, if this was an issue in the past, It is no longer an issue now.

Lets move forward and address one thing we wish they would have done differently: pre-installing software.

*Norton trial

*Microsoft office limited version

*Toshiba dashboard trial

*Toshiba cloud storage 30 day trial

Whats the issue here? These are all a bunch of trial. If you are getting this laptop, dont forget to get Microsoft office and norton security as well. Or some other antivirus. And again, if your getting this to game, get the logitech wireless mouse, its a simple must for this make and model.

Microsoft office

Norton Internet Security

Logitech M305 Wireless Mouse

And remember, we will update this section as we continue to test the laptop!

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