The Ebola Outbreak Of 2014

The Ebola Outbreak Of 2014

An Ebola outbreak has descended upon humanity since early last month. The appalling rate of this viral epidemic has afflicted over 1,000 people. As of today, an estimated 3 people have died and many others are noted to be on the “verge of death”.
A Minnesota man of Liberian origin was the first known victim of the Ebola outbreak. Sawyer was allegedly on a business trip to Nigeria when he was struck by the virus. Sawyer was isolated for over 24 hours by Nigerian nurses before they realized that he was, indeed, positive for the rare Ebola virus. Sawyer would later die in the hospital due to the Ebola affliction.
In more recent days, the nurse that had been tasked to treat sawyer became the third victim of the Ebola outbreak. Regardless of the fact that she was diagnosed early, medical treatment failed her and she died quickly.
The second documented death was a man that appeared in Saudi Arabia early this week. He was also treated, but, unfortunately also succumbs to his affliction.
The spread of the Ebola virus can quickly reach pandemic proportions (across multiple continents). The 1,000 plus afflicted individuals can quickly become breeding grounds for the virus. In the past, Ebola has decimated country populations.
Ebola is one of the most dangerous and potent viruses known to man. Often found in the African soil, it tends to come to the surface in a cycle of about 50 years. This timed release is not very accurate and will usually never give mankind a chance to prevent the widespread ruin of Ebola.
Characteristic symptoms include:

  • Large white bubbles full of puss on the surface of the skin
  • Excessive and unrelenting diarrhea
  • Swelling of the tongue
  • Expansion of the stomach (which can sometimes burst out of the stomach skin or inside the victim)
  • Excessive vomiting
  • Unceasing headaches and fevers which cannot be suppressed
  • Lung pain and lung cysts (these can cause the coughing out of large sums of blood)
  • Muscle weakness and muscle pains
  • Unknown and unidentified rashes all over the body
  • Hair falling out of body for no reason
  • Extreme bruising with no organic origin
  • Area around retina becomes red and bloody

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