Ebola Spreads To The United States

Ebola Spreads To The United States

Following the initial outbreak of Ebola, the first case of Ebola has been diagnosed in a patient flying from Liberia to Texas.
The patient allegedly experienced some of the known symptoms of the ebola virus and contacted health officials for treatment. Although the victim did not suspect the diagnosis to be ebola, doctors have confirmed that it is, unfortunately, the first case of ebola in the United States from the past four decades.
The victim has been noted to be in isolation in a hospital in Texas. Earlier this week, hospital authorities noted that the victim is in “critical condition”. However, there are some positive turns in the patient’s condition and death is not 100% certain. Hospital workers have taken severe precautions to prevent the spread of the deadly virus, however, it has been noted that the patient (who came in undiagnosed) might have infected hundreds of people [unknowingly].
A similar incident was observed earlier this week (October 3, 2014) in which an NBC freelance correspondent named Ashoka Mukpo fell ill with the ebola virus. Mukpo’s condition was noted as “severely critical” and “very close to death”. Mukpo, like the Texas victim has been stored in an isolation chamber. However, authorities are worried once again that Mukpo has come into contact with many people before being formally diagnosed with the ebola virus.
In response to the pressure of the inevitable pandemic, health officials across the United States have produced isolation chambers in the sectors of most large hospitals. The United States board of health claimed in a conference held in Washington DC that the spread of the virus can be volatile, and it is always good to be prepared for the worst.
We will have more information on this doomsday virus as the story progresses. If you think you have ebola, please read the symptoms here "symptoms of ebola".

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