The gathering tempest in North Korea

With the world finally moving towards peace in the middle east, we cannot help but focus on something else. As the hierarchy of the Islamic extremists have been all but crushed, they no longer seem to be the center of our concern.

But there is a new fear, one that has plagued the west for a long time, the fear of communist rogue republic North Korea. We personally have nothing against them, in fact , we would urge them to be more open about everything. Perhaps their long time friend Russia might be able to prevent what media is making look like "a gathering tempest".

We already spoke about the Korean satellite launch scheduled to be launched tomorrow, we believe. We don't fear it, but apparently , the rest of the world does. We believe that North Korea may be capable of peaceful missions to outer space. The reason why the rest of the world is worried is because of secrecy.

You see now, Japan, our personal favorite Asian country, along with the USA have now begun to move troops and resources towards a possible outbreak of war. Japan is amping up their anti missile defense sights to "code red alert", the USA is sending massive fleets into the Korean ocean waters, and South Korea is pretty much fearing it's existence.

In a fragile thing such as this, we want to believe the worst, and assume war may be upon us, this is not true. In fact we condone articles by fox,cnn and other sublimes as complete fallacies.

Although the troop movements have been confirmed, nothing can be confirmed. As with most movements by rogue states, it is better to be safe rather than sorry. We would encourage the people of North Korea to open up to us, and hopefully finally end this secrecy that makes us assume the worst.

If Germany could reunite, so can Korea! Just imagine how great it would be, a unified , free Korea. Even if Korea would adore staying a separate North/South entity, there would still be promise in opening up to the west. Korea would no longer bee seen as a threat on grounds of conspiring to do something absurd, like nuke south Korea, and face extermination by NATO.

We don't take the North Koreans for fools, therefore they would never do something like this, it would be hard to understand why they would.

North Korean general staff prepare for launch North Korean general staff prepare for launch (c) Fox
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