Why do people still watch western movies?

It is a question that puzzles the modern generation, and seems ever more puzzling when someone from that generation actually also takes interest in this genre. We will dedicate a few words to explain this phenomenon.

First, western movies are all considered classics, although we have seen about twenty different versions of" Custer's last stand" , each recreation is slightly different, there is absolutely nothing repetitive about western movies (lol).

 Second, the jokes and comedy are just too much. We saw one movie where a youth asked a bearded , large man "hand me over a gun" , the big man responds" i'll give you a gun" , next thing you know, the big man gunwhips the boy across the face, this is very classic and enjoyable.

Third, the open drunkenness, and support for alcohol and tobacco is VERY manly, men love manly things, so naturally , manly men watch western movies rather than cartoons or reality shows.

Fourth, all the guns! What type of guy that deserves testicles doesn't love watching gunfights? The excitement, the smoke, the sound, man oh man, its like watching twilight for teenage girls. (no man that calls himself a man should be watching twilight)

Fifth, the plots are easy to follow, there is no suspense, and everything is predictable. The morale of every western : the hero wins, and everyone in his way dies in an epic gun duel.

Sixth,  the hero always gets the women. Its kind of like why 20 year old nerds play zelda, watching the good guy get everything has an aesthetic appeal. We cant quite explain it, ask your nerd friends, or ask yourself why "if Bruce Willis died in die hard(any)" , would that make the rest of the movie worth watching?.

Seventh,  Every freaking trick, jump off a horse, or any other attempt to do anything that looks cool was actually done in real life, no greenscreen and bungee cords back in the day, what you see is what actually happened. It adds a bit of flare knowing your not watching a bunch of idiots moving their hands with a greenscreen behind them, pretending to be something badass when they are really nothing. Everything here is about action, there is no drama in a western, unless a man is dying from a battle wound, or getting an amputation, in which case it is ok for any man to weep at his loss.

Eight, the bad guy is always clearly defined. Any time you see a guy with braided, long hair, wearing a buttlfap and using a bow and arrow or a stone axe, that guy is bad. Prepare to see that guy have buckshot shot in him :)

Ninth, lack of sensorship. There is no sensor in any western as far as cussing, nudity, or anything else that is not allowed now, Hollywood once had much less boundaries and limits.

Tenth,  John Wayne, need I go on?

You can already tell, this guy is asking to get killed, look at those feathers. You can already tell, this guy is asking to get killed, look at those feathers.
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