Kenyan navy shells Somali port, seeking to exterminate terrorists

Unless you have no idea what happened to Somalia in the past 50 years, you should know that it is controlled by an Islamic extremist group called "Al Shabaab" . These people support al queda, and are linked to numerous terrorist attacks in north and east Africa.Regardless, Kenyan troops , along with the aid of a few brave Somali homeland army soldiers  planned to kick the terrorist group out of the city port of Kismayu. Intelligence gathered indicated that the  Al Shabaab members planned to ambush and kill the men as they entered the city.Radio signals and captured POWS confirmed that the city would be used to stall the men and inflict maximum casualties.To avoid such things, the Kenyan air force and navy leveled the city.  Accordingly, killing 2 children. No Al Shabaab members are confirmed to have died, nor is the city capable of harboring anything in it's flattened state. Kenyan...

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