Man kills himself over a website

We hope to Christ this is a rumor, but we heard that a 27 year old man from Pennsylvania used a website called "The Destiny Spinner" and asked it if he should commit suicide. Our website said yes, and he killed himself.If this is a hoax, then you got us! But if this is true, we are deeply regretful of the situation. We ask the family of the diseased to understand that the destiny spinner is just a magic 8 ball. Its not real, you cant say it's our fault.This is almost as stupid as taking a die and saying "if it rolls odd, I'm going to kill myself" and doing it. We apologize, and may  whoever uses our website understand that it is not intended to make the decision of ending your life for you.Again we are deeply regretful that this happened and hope it will never occur again in...

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