Squirrels need to be nerfed because they are op

It has come to my attention that squirrels are op(overpowered). I think that due to their absolute invulnerability to everything around them, they deserve to be nerfed. Just the other day, a squirrels with a spall liner, and camo net sneakily rushed into a child, ammo racking him. Freaking nub op haxEvery day we sit at home, they attempt to break in, hungry for human flesh. The more we wait, the stronger they grow, which leads me to believe that they are overpowered. So, I think that they need to:1) stop using hax2) get nerfed3) stop using HAX!Also, all the noobs that QQ abut how op the squirrels species is need to grow a pair. I mean, it's not like the average commoner has been pwned one too many times by squirrels? But if you do get pwned, by all means, call it op, its not like they have any skillz.Squirrels...

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