Squirrels need to be nerfed because they are op

It has come to my attention that squirrels are op(overpowered). I think that due to their absolute invulnerability to everything around them, they deserve to be nerfed. Just the other day, a squirrels with a spall liner, and camo net sneakily rushed into a child, ammo racking him.

Freaking nub op hax Freaking nub op hax

Every day we sit at home, they attempt to break in, hungry for human flesh. The more we wait, the stronger they grow, which leads me to believe that they are overpowered. So, I think that they need to:

1) stop using hax

2) get nerfed

3) stop using HAX!

Also, all the noobs that QQ abut how op the squirrels species is need to grow a pair. I mean, it's not like the average commoner has been pwned one too many times by squirrels? But if you do get pwned, by all means, call it op, its not like they have any skillz.

Squirrels are just op pos , they can get away with being this because they have bushy tails, which causes us to believe that they are harmless. But when they begin hacking, we never see it coming.

Squirrels are also adept campers. They mount camo nets, binoculars, and repair kits in case they get tracked. So when you are going into the local bushes, you wont see them until it's too late, by then, they will bite your p**** off.

Squirrels also have armor made of bouncinium, some sort of rare Russian material that makes anything simply bounce off. Admins, mods, and devs will never admit to it's existence, but it is blatantly obvious that it does exist.

Element Bouncinium Element Bouncinium

How can you combat an op pos like a squirrel? Yes, there are steps to be taken to combat opness.

1) Locate it's weak spots, and track it

2) Have one on your team to even out the playing field

3) Have ff (friendly fire) hit the op pos , thus giving you the "lucky" medal.

4) Avoid it , although totally op, and elite, it is not fast enough to come back to cap if 10 guys get there beforehand, thus making it's op[ness] worthless.

5) Stay in a wolfpack, maybe your comrades will take the shots for you, allowing you to escape with your life , like a true coward n00b.


You can also report the op hax to the gm (game moderators) , but they might be slow to make nerfs to it. Squirrels should be nerfed, end of story. But if you complain too much, you will be banned :)
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