You did not get into artschool eh?

Just a bit of background on the only person that runs this massive website, my name is Ferdinand, I am a failure. My only goal in life was to attend the Academe of fine arts in Vienna/Linz, Austria. In early 2012, I was rejected because my art simply did not stack up to their high degree of standards.My goal in life has always been to pursue my passion of sculpting in marble, although I did very limited work in actual Italian marble, I would still adore to go back in time and  get into the KUK academe , alas this can no longer be an option.Since I can never be a sculpture now, I am giving away all of my works, I will start with two done in oils, some of my "uglier ones". I will post these snapshots directly from my deviantart account, in hopes that somebody wants them.I will...

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